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Homoeopathy is a scientific, logical, safe, faster and highly effective method of healing. It offers long lasting to permanent cure, treating the disease to its full extent for most of the diseases. Homeopathy treats deeply by driving away the root cause and heals the patient from within.

According to Dr Samuel Hahnemann, the artificial medicinal disease takes the seat of the natural disease and wards it off from the system and thereby subsides itself leaving no trace of the original disease. This sounds good with the modus operandi of all homoeopathic cures.

Homoeopathy is highly scientific, logical, safe, quick and extremely effective method of healing. It offers long lasting to permanent cure, treating the disease to its full extent for most of the diseases. Homeopathy treats deeply by driving away the root cause and heals the patient from within.

The duration of treatment depends upon the nature of the disease and the fighting capacity of the patient’s body; one can say individualisation is one of the key point to decide the length of treatment. The treatment is required for a certain time period so as to improve the resistance of the body to fight diseases. Taking into consideration all these factors the treatment is continued for a specific time frame for the benefit of the patient.


This is a very popular question! People want to know if they can be helped by homoeopathy. The best answer is that practically any condition can be cured by homoeopathy, depending on how efficient is the physician in concern is and how much he/she has learned to treat with homoeopathy following its doctrines and making out the totality of symptoms.

Unless the product label provides any warnings to the contrary, it is safe to use homoeopathic medicine while taking other drugs, herbs or supplements, as there are generally no known drug-to-drug interactions or contraindications. However, because homoeopathy works to support the body’s natural healing process, and many conventional drugs work to suppress the body’s healing mechanisms (like fever or skin rashes), a homoeopathic physician should be consulted for an individualized treatment plan.

It is a myth that homoeopathic medicines act slowly. Their action is quick and the effect lasts much longer, often forever. The disease is treated from its roots.

The time taken for relief is proportionate to the chronicity and duration of the ailment. In fact if a patient seeks homoeopathic treatment at the onset of an ailment, he stands great chances of a really quick recovery. Also in acute illnesses homoeopathic medicines act fast and effectively.

Detailed history is very essential as homoeopathy believes in treating the individual and not the disease. So the physician needs to know everything he can about the individual. Also the chronic diseases are due to much suppression of different affections or emotions in the past; hence thorough history will reveal whether any past suppressed ailments have lead to the present complaints.

No is the firm answer always.
All Homoeopathic medicines are prepared by using scientific predefined methods of extracting the medicinal properties from source substances. There is no scope or need to adulterate the derived medicines with any other substances, as this would completely obliterate the curative properties of the same. Any prescription of homoeopathic medicines is based on the totality and similarity of symptoms of the patient (as has been found best by the physician) with those produced by the drug (in its purest form) proving, when tested on healthy individuals.

If the patient has any doubts he should check the medicines from a standard laboratory before consuming them.


Yes, the patient is generally advised to avoid eating or drinking 30 minutes before or after taking homoeopathic medication. One has to avoid excessive tea or coffee, raw onion, raw garlic, asafoetida, camphor and tamarind. Also avoid too much smoking or alcohol consumption as these can hinder the action of the homoeopathic medicine or antidote the effects of the medicine. These are general instruction, but always consult your physician and they might get modified according to situation.

Yes. It is always better to take homoeopathic medicines from a qualified homoeopathic doctor during pregnancy especially. If the treatment is planned in a proper way it will have lots of benefits to the mother and the child. The child will be much healthier and the medicines will help to develop immunity in much better way. The hereditary diseases, which are carried from generation to generation, can be reduced also. In fact if homoeopathy is given during pregnancy, chances of delivery would become normal and easier. The child will be relatively healthier and emotionally well balanced, intellectually sound and physically stronger.

Yes. Homoeopathy has wonderful remedies that give prompt relief in acute cases like fever, cough, cold, diarrhoea, headaches, nausea, constipation, dysuria, menstrual colic etc. when the person opts for homoeopathy at the onset of the ailment.

Yes, he should. There have been instances of apparent good results by lay people practicing homoeopathy, but it is always matter of chance which has defamed homoeopathy in many instances also. So it is always advisable to go to a qualified homeopathic physician, as he is qualified to judge the severity and depth of your illness.

No, there are no known side effects of homoeopathic medicines. Sometimes there are medicinal aggravations of existing ailments, but this means that the system is getting cleared. In the same way, old symptoms like constipation, warts or any skin rash may reappear. Do not take any medicine to treat these reappearing old symptoms, as these old symptoms will go away in a short while and healing will be for a long-lasting period of time.

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